Video: Francis and the Lights – ETC

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Video: Francis and the Lights – ETC

Something a bit different for this site, scouted on TKIAP. It’s from NYC singer/songwriter/producer Francis & The Lights who has toured with Drake, Ke$ha, MGMT and more. The track itself is reminiscent of a 1980s pop ballad but has a soulful Bill Withers influence also.

According to the man himself, responding to a Youtube comment, it turns out these are in fact the direct influences to to the track

Add the codes below to the URL to see which tracks he used as inspiration

verse melody: 2lkJbNhwHXo?t=41s and XUjZSAqOJ8c

bridge: 7xZxVoTdKG4?t=55s

chorus: T0spkrwl9Qk?t=1m20s