Video: Foreign Interlood – Going Nowhere

In Hip Hop by Brian Hildebrand

Video: Foreign Interlood – Going Nowhere

Manchester based trio Foreign Interlood drop their new video for their soulful UK hip hop infused single “Nowhere”. Featuring a laid back beat reminiscent of summer BBQs and steamy make-out sessions. Hitchiker and Lupin punctuate with a clever (and clean) staccato flow accompanied by a healthy dusting of sultry vocals by Melikz.

Who are Foreign Interlood? Hitchiker recently opened for Skepta with his spoken word piece. “What is Grime?” at the the radio 1 Big Weekender, Lupin is the younger brother of Room 2 Records talent. Blind Mic and Melikz is an unstoppable soulful force in Manchester’s new generation of musical talent.

For more information about Foreign Interlood and to keep track of future releases be sure to hit them up on their Facebook page.