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Video: Foreign Beggars – Young Kings & Queens Ft. Maverick Sabre & Mali Hayes [+ Matriarchy track listing]

foreign beggars

In the lead up to their final album ‘Matriarchy’, which is out December 13, the Beggar fam (who’ve been active since 2002) have released this soulful, contemplative and uplifting new video featuring Maverick Sabre and Mali Hayes. Commenting on life growing up and reflection of society, they jump on a Seemore Beats and lay down some dope content.

“Kids growing up these days have years in hostile environments and felt a lot of struggle due to a decade of Austerity.. with so many youth centres shutting down and violence on the rise wanted to make a song to reach out and shed some light and guidance. The video was shot in and around Manchester by Tarnish Vision and really captures the bittersweet essence of the song.” Pav – Foreign Beggars


Matriarchy’ track listing:

  1. Young Kings & Queens Ft Maverick Sabre & Mali Hayes
  2. London Links ft MysDiggi
  3. 3 AM ft Bess Cavendish
  4. It’s Gonna Be Fine ft ADMT
  5. Reveal ft Laville
  6. Forget Dem ft Jammer & Flowdan
  7. Glow ft Greentea Peng
  8. Jet Skeet ft Lee Scott & Sonnyjim
  9. Fading Out Ft Liam Bailey
  10. Know The Vibe ft Jehst & Blak Twang
  11. Lay You Down ft Liam Bailey
  12. Fade Away ft DRS & Abri
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