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Video: Foreign Beggars ‘Toast VIP’ ft. Alix Perez, Sparkz, Truthos, Physiks, Illaman, Mad Hed City, Killa P, Marger, Jumanji

In Grime by Nick Russell

The Beggar fam have done it once again! Pushing the limits as to what listeners can expect from one song, they’ve put together this UK wide and international collab, enlisting some serious talent to remix the track which initially dropped in November.

For this track they’ve enlisted some big name talent in the form of Illaman, Sparkz. Marger, Killa P who all kick it off in  a big way before Metropolis and Orifice jump in for the hook. The song then goes into a dope introduction sequence to a bag of heavy names we need to look out for, including one American and a Scottish MC, both of which smash it!

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