Video: Flohio – 10 More Rounds

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Energy, Energy Energy.

South London produces another MC every day. But it is not every day, that one of these catches the attention Naomi Campbell and ends up in Vogue as one of “10 women changing our future”.

Flohio, 25, unleashes her passion and pride on her latest video release 10 More Rounds. The video begins like a classic horror movie; shot in black in white with a chilling piano riff. The results coincidentally, have the viewer glued to the chair.

From the first line to the last, Flohio delivers soundbite after soundbite. Each bar packing some form punch that knocks down any negative energy attempting to bring Flohio down.

“Still In South With My Pride, I Swear You Cant Defeat My Kind”

It’s hard not to feel ruthless during this 3 minute video, as you follow Flohio for a stride through South London streets, she reminds you with vigorous poetry that by stamping out bad vibes one can build their own empire.

Enjoy the video below and follow her via Twitter and IG.