Video: Evidence links up with Slug & Alchemist for ‘Powder Cocaine’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Here’s the newest visual from the LA rapper’s third solo LP ‘Weather Or Not‘, which is getting critical acclaim the world over, from fans to critics to legends like Pharoahe Monche!
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Following Throw It All Away, Jim Dean and 10,000 Hours, Powder Cocaine sees Evidence connect with long time homie Evidence and Rhymesayers label Slug (of Atmosphere) on this video directed by Jason Goldwatch. Don’t get thinking that the song is condoning the Colombian marching powder tho! Despite the title of the song, the Dilated Peoples emcee has never tried the drug! “I’m like the only person in Los Angeles who didn’t do cocaine, and Alchemist too. We made a pact, you know, when friends are young and we actually stuck to it. This song is not a pro-cocaine song, but rather just using the saying as an expression of being all good.”

The album is out now via

Evidence and Atmosphere are also on tour around North America… Click here for dates.