Video: DPower ft D Double E – See No Evil (Prod. Rude Kid)

In Grime by DJ LZ [ENK]

Video: DPower ft D Double E – See No Evil (Prod. Rude Kid)

Last Monday on DJ Spooky’s show on Deja Vu FM I heard something new from DPower and D Double E. After the show I tried to find it everywhere but couldn’t; until the video dropped on SB.TV.

Entitled ’See No Evil’ and produced by the powerhouse that is Rude Kid this is definitely a contender for one of the biggest Grime hits of the year so far!

With its catchy D Double, signature hook and hard hitting punchlines such as “I bring the biscuit without the tea” throughout this bangs like a real anthem not just another track.

The video fits in with the the ‘gassy’ tune as it starts with D Power throwing ‘Diesel’ around and setting it alight. The pair then emerge backed by a masked outfit brandishing smoke bombs and various types of what look like semi-automatic rifles.

Everything about this track screams Grime. I salute D Power, D Double and Rudekid and look forward to ‘Progress 3’ (D Power’s forthcoming Mixtape) if this is anything to go by.