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VIDEO: Don’t Flop Jams Series Ep 1 – KILLA IMPACT

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

The UK’s no.1 Battle Rap platform Don’t Flop, has a new series of videos for you to get into.

Killa Impact is the first artist to feature in the upcoming series of uniquely reproduced tracks for Don’t Flop. Calibre is an explosion of bars, Impact’s flow is a relentless fully-automatic shelling. With the flow bobbing harmoniously along the carefully crafted beat, the rhythm dives into your nervous system and hits you in a way Don’t Flop hasn’t tried before.

We spoke to Jordan Grant, Director of Photography for the Jams Series:

“The ‘Jams’ series is a fresh new concept that gives already established Don’t Flop artists the opportunity to showcase some of their latest material.

The added gambit is that we’ve replaced any pre-produced audio backing tracks with an talented (and very adaptable) two-piece band.

The musicians worked closely with each vocal talent to create a sound that would create not only a potentially more dramatic backdrop to their lyrics but would also hopefully demonstrate that Hiphop doesn’t need to come from or be headed in any single direction to be considered the right way.

Prior to my own collaborations with them, Don’t Flop has consistently and with great success, tested new formats and approaches with their visual content over the years. This is just another one of those avenues.

The brand have a variety of separate series’ rolling out as we speak which’ll ensure that there’s a little something for everyone.”

For more from Don’t Flop and to stay in tune for the series check out, the Youtube and the Twitter, peace