Video: Dillon Cooper – Knuckle Up

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Video: Dillon Cooper – Knuckle Up

Brooklyn rapper Dillon Cooper has come through with yet another knock-out track following the success of ‘State of Elevation’ and his mixtape ‘Cozmik’.The young rapper’s style is reminiscent of fellow Brooklyn resident Joey Badass, though to describe him as a knock off would be to sleep on one of the best MCs in the game right now.

His freestyle over Mobb Deep’s classic ‘Survival of the Fittest’ demonstrates how he is influenced by the 90s style and flow, but is still bringing something fresh to the table. Known for choosing perfectly weighted naturalistic instrumentals for his lucid style, his latest, ’Knuckle Up’, proves this young rapper can deliver again and again. 

Canis Major’s exquisite guitar hook echoes perfectly around Cooper’s tireless flow, forming what might be his most mature offer to date. The beat is controlled and kept natural, using scratches to build up and reintroduce the hook rather than the standard synths which are so overused in hip hop today. Instead of overcomplicating the beat with extra parts, the same guitar loop is kept interesting throughout with the clever use of delay and reverb to alter the sound, much like his previous release ‘Everyday Life’. 

Having broken through recently, Dillon Cooper addresses those doubting his style and potential. He states ‘make way for the new Brooklyn prince’, acknowledging his style as being Brooklyn born and bred. His rhymes dismiss the criticisms without being cocky, saying he’s happy to be challenged if anyone wants to ‘knuckle up’. His flow never once wavers throughout, making this a track that both silences the doubters and affirms his position as one of America’s great young rappers.