Video: Caskie drops insightful ‘3rd Eye Shut’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Fresh video out of South East London from Caskie, the emcee who has recently stepped out as a solo emcee following his time as a member of the group Dusty Stragglers alongside Flabz, Sylva Grey and producer Peter Coates. In context of the superficial, fake and fraudulent society in which we live, Caskie uses this video to illustrate the way in which mainstream media can deceive and manipulate the public’s perception.

Speaking on the subject matter, Caskie explains “Everything around us in terms of the social and economic landscape today seems geared to mislead or misinform us… from crooked politicians to so-called gangsters…. the narrative rewrites and perpetuates itself daily.” 

The soulful melody works as a more calming foundation to digest the emcee’s content, as he attacking the beat with his relentless flows and articulately condensed rhyme patterns. Look out for this on his new EP ‘Ways To Stay Broke’.