In Grime by Nick Russell

In my humble opinion, Cas is sick, and not just when it comes to bars. The whole marketing behind Cas is different, and I can’t think of anything in recent times which compares. A grime phantom who has come back on the front line over the past eight months, after a 5 year hiatus from the scene.

Posting a collection of well produced videos all containing his abundantly massive drug themed rhymes and a metal skull for a face I can’t help but become more intrigued. Especially since the amount of music being made nowadays by similar artists isn’t grabbing me, and I’ve been feeling quite jaded with a lot of the road/rap and grime of late, but this I’m standing behind. Big up Cas, I just hope he keeps bringing pure fire. This one features the one like JME, and he went in!

Words by Dutty Harry.