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Video: Carpetface & Jimi Lyons deliver space-age unity in ‘Humans’

In Hip Hop, Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Described by Skinnyman as “Poor Righteous Teachers meets J5 and Frère Jacques”, this is the unique and uplifting ‘Humans’, the second in a long line of singles from rapper Carpetface and roots reggae veteran Jimi Lyons!

Blending an old school boom-bap hip hop beat with some funky jazz and reggae vibes, the song works to boost the world wide unifying vibes the global populus needs! Carpetface’s in-depth raps and Jimi’s soulful rootsy vocals work particularly well placed back-to-back, and the song’s even more enjoyable with the space-age visual. It was produced entirely in-house for Carpetface’s arts-based nonprofit NEWBIAS CIC as one of its Headskillz Youth Projects, and released through its label division NEWBIAS Records.

The music video depicts various aspects of the human experience – as seen through the eyes and ears of a 10 year old alien boy running a virtual reality simulation. He learns what it means to be human, while picking up some pretty mean breakdancing skills along the way.

Look out for more from this pairing as they’re due to drop a joint project in 2021, Soundsystem Soul, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Stream the single here and enjoy the video below!