carpetface, djar one

Video: Carpetface goes at the oppressive authorities in ‘Def Definition (No One Can Breathe)’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

New heat from Cornwall based, London raised rapper and producer Carpetface who jumps on this dope boombap beat from French producer Djar One!! The track is inspired by the global protests against racism, police brutality and the hatred amplified by mass media. He describes how they’ve created a climate of fear, using class war tactics, aiming to divide-and-conquer.

Some really relevant and poignant themes covered in this song which he says weren’t easy to turn into a song, but was crucial to communicate. The cover art was created by the mighty John Dyer, famed for his work with Public Enemy!

All proceeds of the sales of this song go towards Stop Hate UK,  which aims to support victims of hate-crime, police brutality and state oppression. BUY HERE. This is taken from his forthcoming ‘Friends In High Places’ Vol #1 The Cabin Fever EP.