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Video: Brother Jnap – Much Love

In Afrobeats by Jannine Battis

Congolese vocalist Brother Jnap’s hit new single ‘MUCH LOVE’ is a soulful and uplifting culmination of incessantly catchy choruses & melodies, lyrically bouncing bars in the verses and a crisply produced, grooving instrumental to create this Afrobeat masterpiece! The release deserves commemoration for its duality in that its not only a booming, insanely danceable anthem but also sends a key message about the importance of faith and worship in life. The lyrics revolve around Brother Jnap’s ‘immeasurable love,’ and devotion to God & this is overtly evident in the song.

It’s a positive, feel-good tune which will be stuck in your head endlessly and is some of the best work from Brother Jnap along with features Kriss Kay and Ami Ammadaj. The video shows these collaborators dancing, vibing and appreciating their religious values- with plentiful dance moves and nothing but happy energy, this video is certainly not one to miss.

Hailing from DR Congo, Brother Jnap has always had one, single-minded, determined goal with his music – to spread the message of God. He has found that music can act as a gateway which reinstates religion & faith’s importance in modern society where it has become somewhat archaic and dipped out of the mainstream.

Brother Jnap believes, “it is possible to bring the children of God back by the faith he gives in gospel music all over the world.” His poignant message gives his music a depth & unique perspective which many modern artists are devoid of. The prevalent gap in the market for this type of artist is what adds so much promise to Brother Jnap’s future in the music industry – it’s certainly a positive one.

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