Video: Bristol hip hop trio Da Regiment drop ‘Sinners’

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

New Bristol-based rap trio Da Regiment drop their latest track and official video for Sinners on OR Records, which is run by Wish Master. A dark, direct and dynamic trio made up of B Wun, Skinnytallss and Mateyboy; laying down the foundations of their new sound with a grimy black and white urban aesthetic video directed by British film director Honey JD. 

The trio delivered a self establishing sound dark boom bap hip hop production, speckled with a melodic broken piano undertone. They capture the essence of brotherhood combined with a dominating photogenic approach by showcasing low-down shots and scenes of run down and derelict graffitied backgrounds. They embody everything that real, raw and respected rappers enact in rundown estates of the UK hip hop scene.

With several loose comparisons to Lee Scott and Jam Baxter, they immediately paint a picture of where they are heading within the scene! The trio show some great chemistry, complementing each other effortlessly with the differences in both their tone and diction in their vocals, from slow and deep to abrasive and abrupt.  

2022 will be the year for Da Regiment to showcase their vision in mind as they continue to expand their following across social media. You can stream Sinners on Apple Music, Spotify etc and watch the video on YouTube below.