Black Chronical

Video: Black Chronical – Aesthetics ft Hybrid Freqs

In Hip Hop by Spidachan

Video: Black Chronical – Aesthetics ft Hybrid Freqs

Wow! This Black Chronical track is an absolute must! Hip hop personified. Melodic soulful production from Hybrid Freqs, the journey has a feel of nostalgic, ambient, melancholy putting you in dreamstate. Hailing from Deptford in SE London, Blakk Chronical says exactly what many feel in these current times in a very mature. Conscious, but not pushy way.

The message is as potent and informative as a Public Enemy or Dead Prez track. But without race being mentioned or the need to start picketing. Anyone that likes tracks with a powerful conscious message will love this. Like DMT for the ear with guaranteed no negative side effects! Taking the word aesthetics and using it to explain the way the world is becoming so shallow is pure genius and executed excellently. Understanding your surroundings and what you choose to surround yourself with are more important than many realise and something easily taken for granted.

“I drink from the fountain of life, All I see is energy, now I see your intentions are pure, your not my enemy”.



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