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Video: Bawo – Give Me A Sec

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Life moves fast.

And in London town, where they invented time, I’d argue too fast.

This inner city life and it’s pressures have truly taken over. You losing focus because everybody on your Instagram timeline’s ‘up’. She’s doing her ting, he’s making money moves – but in reality, this race we’ve imagine doesn’t exist at all.

This is the basis to your new favourite two-step track from your next favourite baritone MC, Bawo.


Featuring his twin brother Origho, the two provide a mantra for anyone feeling like they need just another second to figure out where the fuck they’re going in life…

The lofi visuals provided by Smokey Bear  depict the rammed streets of London and for anyone not familiar with such an environment helps grasp an idea just why city life has begged such a track.

There’s so much more to this track than a cheeky sing-a-long chorus and take note the truths he spits throughout the song.

Bawo’s message to everyone: “It’s not a race.”

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