Video: Axel Kacoutie – Is That Better

In Other by Katie Allen

Incredible 20 year old producer Londoner Axel Kacoutie has released the astounding ‘New Type’ and his video for ‘Is that Better’. He has even remixed and even received his very own personal Twitter ‘shout-out’ from the one and only Lupe Fiasco: “Shout to @Kacoutie for ‘The Cool’ orchestral melody… #Dope

His brand new visual is set in film noir shutter style, minimalist yet a high dosage of atmospheric built up suspense- while using powerful imagery matching the overall tone of the track. It involves splendid sudden glimpses of images/vivid colours within the videography as well. One can’t help but be hooked until the very end cliffhanger…much greater music and creative projects from Mr Kacoutie are yet to come!