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Vic Spencer & Small Professor – Pitfall Music (feat. Flee Lord & DJ Revolution)

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

The Chicago to Philadelphia underground hip hop duo of Vic Spencer and Small Professor drop their new collaborative single, “Pitfall Music,”  which features Far Rock’s own Flee Lord with cuts by the renowned DJ Revolution.

Small Pro’s menacing production is complimented well by the 2 emcees, as the beat stomps and lurks, leaving a dusty footprint as much as it absolutely bangs, and allows for DJ Revolution to cut up classic bars on the hook and outro, as he complements the mayhem. The production also sets the tone for the two emcees to spit sharp punchlines and deliver wild smack-talking gems. Like, “If I run up out of bullets/ I’m-a beat you out your seat,” and “They got me pissed off, I’m sick, dog/ Throw you off a cliff, dog/ Yo’ ass gon’ be screaming down a pitfall.”

Look out for more music coming from the emcee/producer duo of Vic & Pro!

Stream ‘Pitfall Music’ via Bandcamp below, and it’s also available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms.