Urban Wildlife Vol. 1

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Urban Wildlife Vol. 1

Urban Wildlife – Let’s face it, there’s a hell of a lot of music out there and digging out the diamonds from crowded Soundcloud feeds. And related Youtube videos takes time a lot of us just don’t have. That’s why sometimes the compilation is king, and this offering. The first fruit of a new collaboration between Believe Digital and Bass In Your Face. Serves as a perfect crash course in where drum & bass is at right now. Hear it in full HERE.

Urban Wildlife Vol. 1 steamed out of Germany late last month on the back of a huge launch party in Hamburg. And showcases cutting-edge d&b talent alongside veterans like Logistics and Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

The 27-track marathon opens with seven tracks of gorgeous liquid, kicked off by Hospital Records heavyweight Logistics – ‘Icarus. And also featuring beautiful contributions from Urbandawn – ‘Vona’ – and a gutteral cut from Giacomo – ‘Causal’.

For more information on the compilation and to buy CLICK HERE.

But the record pivots on a ferocious remix of Neonschwarz’s ‘Standstreifen’ courtesy of Brazed and from there it is mostly a muscular exercise in neuro-tinged 170bpm power, illustrating how wide a view this compilation series plans to take of the current d&b scene. There are some masterful stompers in there, with particular credit going to the David Attenborough-sampling Smuskind – ‘The Sloth’ – and the unashamed tear-out of Prolix’s ‘Nature of Reality’.

Other highlights include the sensational early High Contrast-esque ‘Funkster’ by Peshay, and a slice of classic Optiv & BTK – ‘At All Costs’.

Check out this mix by DJ AKA of the tracks on the comp – sounding sick!