Ultra_Eko drops video for ‘The Trial’ as part of new album

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Croydon rapper Ultra_Eko dropped his latest video for ‘The Trial’ on March 25th, which comes as part of his new album On Trial – Part One

The rapper deeply connects with his listeners, outlining the truth, his intentions and his identity in a wholesome and humbling fashion. The emotive Croydon rapper gave us nothing but a colourful edit, a deep glare and a studio backdrop in the aesthetics. 

The smooth and peaceful compassion in his bars makes us want to listen. With an ambient vocal track carrying the lyrics, he steps away from aggression, attitude and abrasion where the multitalented rapper flexes his quiet confidence with deep and dark brassy vocals. 

With a soulful tone and vulnerable tale, Ultra_Eko shows us his soft side amongst the drama and fuses a dark lyrical thread with an honest heart and ambient undertone creating a trusting character throughout On Trial.

You can watch the video here. Stream the album Via Spotify below or elsewhere here