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UK’s Parallax links up with Dilated Peoples legend in new video ‘Round & Round’!

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

With the UK game as strong as it’s even been, the US artists are more than ready to work with some of the most talented underground talent the British Isles have to offer. With the current state of affairs, it’s not as important for these collaborations to occur with the artists hitting those major sponsorship deals and big budget album releases.  Especially in the more alternative sound of hip hop, it’s all about the connecting with rappers who have the attention of the fans seeking that #realhiphop bracket.

This brings us to the attention of Parallax, a London based emcee and producer we’ve been supporting a few years. He has just dropped the visual for a new song he’s made with Rakaa Iriscience, one third of the mighty Dilated Peoples. The Los Angeles collective, which also contains DJ Babu and Evidence came together back in 1992 and released their first project over 20 years ago! Since then they’ve released a string of iconic singles and albums, most notably Worst Comes To Worst in 2001 (produced by Alchemist) and This Way, in 2004 which featured and was produced by Kanye West. Their music carries the essence of a major side of the LA hip hop sound, and they still hold weight whenever they perform around the globe.

Speaking on this milestone of his career, Parallax broke down the significance of this song in context of himself as a student of their music. “Dilated (Peoples) were one of my biggest influences growing up, so my music was heavily inspired by them.”

As Parallax’ career progressed over the past 5 years, he understood how his opportunity to work with the names he respected most was becoming feasible. “I never thought in a million years back then, that I’d ever be able to do a track with one of them. But the power of the internet and my quality control has led me here, to a pivotal point in my career where we have a solid video together.”

A lot of international collabs these days can be executed fairly clinically, but on this track, Parallax described how “It was a mix of planning and also vibing out in the studio. We chopped it up online first, I arranged the beat off producer Roeg du Casq, and came up with concept around the sample. Me and Rakaa wrote a verse to the concept and a week later linked up while he was in London to lay down our verses and build the track up.”

Parallax spoke some more about the how it went down in the studio – “In the studio we vibed out and made the hook and extra parts. Due to limited time as rakaa had a show that eve I had to finish my last verse later. From there I did the cuts and tidyed verses then mixed all the layers ready for release.”.

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