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UK reggae legend Macka B drops lyric video for ‘Cucumba to Di World’

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Over the past year or two, UK reggae legend Macka B has released a series of clips via his instagram called ‘Medical Monday’ and ‘Wah mi eat Wednesday’, breaking down the benefits of certain fruits, vegetables as well as herbs and spices. With this release ‘Cucumba To Di World’ he’s summarized the themes and impact of his series into one song.
As with all of Macka’s music, it’s great to hear fresh reggae music with these levels of substance, designed to both entertain and spread the good message of nutrition, set to a feel good track. Artists like Macka B come along very rarely, so it’s a gift to the culture that he’s still pushing this sound. Hopefully the listeners learn and act on what they enjoy digesting thru their ears!