Review: Total Slaughter: Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Review: Total Slaughter: Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden

Probably the most anticipated rap battle we have seen in years, battle king Hollow Da Don faced off with Slaughter-House’s own Joe Budden at Shady Records new pay per view event platform Total Slaughter.

Before the main event, T-Rex won easily against Daylyt who decided to strip to his boxers and lie down motionless before guest Judge Ebro from Hot 97 yelled “Get the fuck up man. We didn’t come here to see this shit.” Battle legend Loaded Lux died on stage, maybe it wasn’t the right audience for him but nonetheless, losing every round to Murda Mook before the main battle of the night began.

The first two rounds were as close as they come, neat flows and carefully chosen gimics. Hollow’s best line that might have put him slightly ahead was most likely “Pull out that Jagged edge, no I got a 112 I want Joe-de-see” when rapping about Joe’s RnB past (think Pump, pump it up).

The final round had Joe rising in confidence, flows started becoming easier for both until midway through Joe’s verse, a part of the crowd started booing. Joe kept telling the crowd to stop which didn’t help the situation and brought even more boos. Eventually Joe threatened to stop rapping if the boos didn’t stop and after 5-10 seconds, Joe put the mic on the floor and the whole room exploded. It took Crooked-I from Slaughter-house to tell Joe to finish his verse (probably for sponsorship reasons). All judges voted in favour of Hollow who was awarded the win. Ironic how Hollow constantly shredded Joe for being an emotional artist and it was his emotional/childish side that lost Joe the battle.