Timothy Welbeck, Stephen the Levite & Jered Sanders deliver ‘Minivan Marauders’ about their roles as devoted fathers

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Timothy Wellbeck is more than just a rapper. In fact, rapping is just a side hustle for the Philadelphia based attorney and Lecturer of African American Studies. His work has appeared in non hip hop outlets like BBC Radio 4, amongst many others. ‘Minivan Marauders’ brings an innovative and challenging concept, with an interesting production style. The beat lays a solid foundation for the emcees to lay down some honest and realistic lyrics, which ‘capture three men’s perspectives on fulfilling their roles as devoted husbands and fathers’.

Timothy’s music has been described as “hip-hop in its purest form” and after listening to this song closely you can definitely see why! It’s refreshing to see how it’s been broken into different segments yet the song as a whole keeps the same idea throughout. Intelligent rap music for the thinking listener. Find out more about him via timothywelbeck.com/timothy.