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The Rum Baba – Strike EP

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

The Rum Baba – Strike EP

Strike EP – Not much can be said about the Rum Baba, because not much is known about her. Like a tropical bass peddling Stig, some say she can hold her breath for more than 35 seconds, and that she has synths for feet, but these words come not from a brash, right-wing dinosaur spouting enough breeze to send a weathervane into orbit but from multi-talented wizard Mernywernz. This is the first release from his latest project, the Manchester-based record label Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out Music and it kicks like a mule.

Strike EP

Orchestrated with a deft touch by the enigmatic producer, the five-track Strike EP has something of the cinematic and something of the carnival about it. Dub influences are writ large across the release which rumbles with a colossal bassweight which often looms in an ominous mood – see ‘Ambush’, complete with string samples and tribal rhythms.

Rhythm, really, is the operative word for the Rum Baba. Percussion leads the way throughout, whether swinging the dangerously-grooved ‘Boom’ onto the isle of Jamaica or taking ‘Drum’ thundering down grimy South London streets in a floral headdress with maracas and Red Stripe. ‘Meatallic’ lurches between reverberating chaos and deep moodiness before the futuristically twisted ‘Nuclear’ approaches drum & bass with a machine gun snare.

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