The 8 Best Female Rappers

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The 8 Best Female Rappers

On August 16th, Blatantly Blunt will be hosting Girls in Front (Info here), showcasing some of the UK’s greatest female rappers. The event will be headlined by Bella Gotti aka No Lay, with support coming from Lyrically Challenged Collective, Batz inda Belfry and more! There’s also a chance for up and comers to enter the competition on the night. 

We all are aware that the hip hop scene has traditionally been a male dominated world, but female artists are starting to emerge more and more frequently. In this list we’ll look at some of the all time greats.

Lauryn Hill

New Jersey singer and rapper, Lauryn Hill, rose to fame in the nineties as a member of the Fugees. Her mix of R&B and hip hop combined with socially observant lyrics gave her the edge on other female rappers of the time.

Missy Elliot

Elliot is without a doubt one of the most talented hip hop artists in the game, full stop! She not only brings her unique style of rapping but blends it with harmonies, creates her own beats, directs her own music videos and produces and writes material for other musicians including big names such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Some of her most infectious and well-known tracks include ‘Work It’, ‘Get Your Freak On’ and ‘Lose Control’.

Rah Digga

Starting her career as a member of Busta Rhyme’s group, Flipmode Squad, Rah Digga has slowly established herself as a killer lyricist. Her ability to stay commercial whilst keeping things gritty and streetwise seperates her from the rest.

The Lady of Rage

If you’re looking for a female emcee with aggression and attitude, look no further than The Lady of Rage. Hailing from New York, Robin Yvette Allen grew famous in the early nineties after being discovered by Dre and has become a gangsta rap gem. She atually spat the first verse on the opening track to Snoop’s iconic debut abum, but check out her classic, Afro Puffs for a taste of what she’s about!

Jean Grae

A master of wordplay and introspective rhyming, Jean Grae was born in South Africa but was raised in New York where she started her rap career under the name What? What? Over the last two decades she has gained international recognition in the underground hip hop scene and been co-signed by some of the industry’s greats.


Perhaps one of the only female british rappers to make it big in the US (as yet!), Estelle is most known for her collaboration with Kanye – the 2008 hit single ‘American Boy’. Estelle’s soulful style is her unique selling point. She has won numerous awards throughout her career, including a grammy in 2009 and also was signed by John  Legend.

Bella Gotti (formerly known as No Lay) 

Fans of real underground and gritty grime will know the London-born rapper who came in the game as a member of the rap group, Unorthodox Crew. She soon became noted for her raw sound and impressive flow and is now regarded as one of the most influential grime artists of all time. She will be headline act at Blatantly Blunt’s Girls in Front event – tickets here.

Gangsta Boo

In the Dirty South scene, Gangsta Boo is a prominent figure, rising to fame as a member of Three 6 Mafia. The Tennessee artist is now enjoying a flourishing solo career, her latest EP ‘Witch’ dropping earlier this year.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Remy Ma, Sonja Blade, Nicki Minaj, Ms Dynamite, MC Lyte.