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Review: Takeoff – Intruder [Prod. OG Parker]

In Hip Hop by Rumel Miah

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About Takeoff – ‘Bad and Boujee’ really brought Migos into the mainstream, everyone and their grandma knows to reply with ‘drop top’ if anyone says, ‘rain drop’ to them. One thing not every fan knows is that each member of the group also releases their own solo music and Take’ as the youngest member of Migos has really been lacking in this respect.

Quavo has a whole host of solo songs and hits with other artists; as does Offset (who also killed the bad and boujee chorus) but Takeoff didn’t really marginalise on the solo market. However, he’s now released his first ever single called ‘Intruder’ and I’ve got to say he’s done me proud as my favourite member of the group.

He mixes the typical repetitive style that Migos have with some very lyrical content while still sounding street with constant ‘bow’ adlibs. One thing I believe he could’ve done better though is trying to reach a wider audience. ‘Intruder’ is very very gang and street orientated, the same fans who loved Takeoff on ‘What’s the price’ are unlikely to like him on this, but I believe this is the start of a very long and beneficial solo career for Takeoff.