Survey – Chop Chop EP

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Survey – Chop Chop EP

Washington DC label Translation Recordings were responsible for Quentin Hiatus’ boundary-troubling Passive Boycott EP, which we took a look at here, and they’re also behind the latest outing for Berlin drum & bass duo Survey. Dab hands at plumbing the depths of soundsystems in Germany and beyond, this time around they’ve gone for the creation of a powerful sense of dread and enough bassweight to sink a ship.


The tracks on this EP move like icebergs in the dark, majestic but unnerving, and definitely capable of making mincemeat out of lighter tracks which might butt up against it. Oceans of sub bass engulf ‘Acting Posh’ which lives up to its name only ironically – its depth is absolute sweaty underground basement vibes, and is a prime example of how a tempo of 170bpm can be made to feel as slow as swimming in treacle.

‘Chop Chop’ opens things up a bit with a paranoid mid-range fizz ping-ponging from side to side and heavily filtered synth sweeps to put things on edge. There’s bucket loads of momentum and groove, but it’s still titanic in stature.

The rumblings at the bottom end of ‘Paperhands’ are offset by a snap in the snare and the ghost of neurofunk which gives the track a more recognisable feel, and if there’s one tune in which the layers of bass are rolled back a little it’s this one; either that or they’ve sunk below the range of this writer’s speakers.

Closing track ‘Pressure’ hasn’t hit SoundCloud yet but take it from us that there’s a bit more in the way of swagger on the track, which creaks into being before succumbing to a rolling drone of monotone sub bass. Business as usual then.

The EP has just dropped – pick it up from Translation Recordings’ Bandcamp.

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