supa blaze

Supa Blaze releases latest single ‘Everyday’

In Other by Nick Russell

Nigerian artist Supa Blaze releases his brand new single ‘Everyday’, which channels melodic hip-hop with slick beats… All Supa Blaze needed were a few lines that initially popped into his head, and a beat to follow. Not long after the beat was made, he had somehow put together a cool, catchy yet simple hook that laid the foundation for the song ‘Everyday’. The verses were written with the intention of being a little more reflective and could be considered as his way of ‘bragging’ about the rewards he enjoys from turning his pains into something worthy and worth it.

Supa Blaze’s pushes boundaries and tries new ideas to progress his sound and this pure dedication to crafting and bettering his art clearly reflects in his music – be it rap, funk or the melodious trap records he is more known for, via his dynamic and melodic flow, which sets him apart from his peers.

The EDO native’s style revolves around heavily blending/ fusing English and Yoruba languages while telling his story in an enchanting and fascinating way that’ll leave you asking for more. Expectations are high, and he is ready to raise the bar with every release on his new project, ‘Everyday’.

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