#StreetArt – Colours of life with DecoLife

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#StreetArt – Colours of life with DecoLife

Andre Ruiz de Freitas aka. DecoLife is an autodidact street artist from Aluminio-Sao Paulo Brazil, born in 1990. He does not paint protesting or against anything like most part of the street artists, Decolife paints only with love for art, bringing colors and life everywhere that took inspiration from dreams, nature, places, music and different culture acquired from his trips.

“I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. from the papers to walls I wanted the people who’re rushing from one place to another in the city to stop for a moment and discover their reflections in my works on the walls, also wanted to bring colors and life to simple houses in the country side of Sao-Paulo Brazil. What is essential to me in life is that everything I do and draw makes me happy.” DecoLife



Thefollowing works are from Timisoara (Romania) where DecoLife was for a trip last year.