$uicideBoy$, new orleans

Stream: $UICIDEBOY$ – Either Hated Or Ignored

In Hip Hop by Natalija Rnic

New Orleans, Louisiana duo $uicideboy$ serve emotive verses about their musical recognition over laid back electronic beats. Cousins $krim and Ruby are known for injecting feeling into their tracks. But, they are also known for sticking to their style in what they write and produce.

Their first release of the year, ‘FUCKALLOFYOU2K18’ is intense unlike ‘Either Hated Or Ignored’. This fresh track sends out vibes of disappointment towards the industry, whilst keeping super chilled out. With two very different sounds, $uicideboy$ are keeping fans on edge for their homemade forthcoming album.

$uicideboy$ member Ruby da Cherry explains, “‘Either Hated Or Ignored’ is our favourite track from a batch of songs we recorded in late 2017 when we were starting to work on the new album. While our success has brought us respect from our fans and a lot of material rewards, that doesn’t automatically translate into happiness.”

Download/Stream “Either Hated Or Ignored” HERE and stream below.