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Review: Talos – Iridescent EP

Let Talos, Boom Bap producer/space age being, sweep you out your stationary existence and into orbit, with his latest EP release, Iridescent.

This 18-minute EP affixes the smooth-spoken soul of Garbriella Vixen, Coops and Jerome Thomas to the undulating crispy, jazz-laden textures supplied by the young High Focus producer. Using dissonant snares and crunchy sampled loops, Talos makes cosmic frequencies tangible through head nodding beats.

Much like his first EP Lowlight Jazz, warmth and light play an integral part to the curation of this track, however it is the lack of the former that have created a borderless, weightless, timeless space. The subdued bass diving you deep for underwater meditation. So, it is highly recommended you get the incenses light for this one.

 Imagine a jazz club in the Mediterranean, the distant coastal lights reflecting off the turquoise water pools, the wind whistling past your cotch-spot. This vortex-soaring effect runs throughout the entire EP to the point of nauseating the listener, but is nothing like the Flight of the Navigator experience of his 2018 album Dissonance. He’s managed to shoot you into the void without the samples and cosmic chatter on this one, so strap one and enjoy slide in – to Iridescence.

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