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Stream: Skatta & Y-Etizm link up for unique concept grime EP ‘Flavourz’

In Grime by Nick Russell

A very impressive and innovative new grime EP called ‘Flavourz‘ has just dropped online! Coventry artist Skatta (who we’ve supported over the past three years) has linked up with London based finger drumming specialist Y-Etizm. Evident after hearing from the intro, Flavourz brings a unique sound which blends both old school and new school grime production styles.

The six track EP, with each track clocking in at around 2 minutes 30 seconds is led by the video for ‘Style and Trend’, an upbeat single dedicated to all things around trainer/crep culture.

The remainder of the EP is made up of three songs, plus an intro and outro, where the pairing show they have a natural synergy together. On the project, the two of them showcase their progressive creative skills and forward thinking production styles which will be looked back on for years to come! Speaking on Yeti’s production, Skatta explained how “‘Room full of greats’ takes you down that oriental path – it has that organic grime feel!”

We invited  Skatta and Y-Etizm on to our Pyro Radio show recently, where the former had an opportunity to showcase his deft mic skills and powerful delivery!

Following wide spread support from the public vote, Skatta recently made it to the top 5 of the second instalment of Red Bull Studios project ‘Raise The Bar’, and he’s on to bigger stuff so keep a look out for his name popping up soon!

Skatta on social media

Y-Etizm on social media