evidence, weather or not

Stream the new Evidence album ‘Weather Or Not’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Having just been released on Rhymesayers record label, the highly rated LA rapper has put the album out to stream and buy online.

The album features his Dilated Peoples brother, Rakaa as well as Slug (Atmosphere) and Jonwayne, with beats provided by Evidence himself as well as big names like Alchemist, Nottz, and DJ Premier!

If you’re wondering how the album title came about, Evidence explains how “On the Dilated Peoples song ‘Guaranteed’ I had a line that said: ‘Some think I’m clever, others think I’m the one who makes too many references to weather… or not’. Every time I would perform that song live, the crowd would always say the ‘or not,’ so I knew I was onto something, and it would eventually become my new album title.”