The Turn Up, MED, Blu, Madlib

Stream: Madlib, Blu, M.E.D. – The Turn Up

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

This soulful, raw, hard-hitting EP just landed and thanks to internet, it’s landed in your neighbourhood. p.s. there are treats for the DJs in this one too!

Madlib beats for Hip Hop heads, are Tarantino movies for film buffs. Undeniable classics .

Like Quentin Tarantino, Madlib’s art is grounded in the rawness of the American streets, so deeply that the everyday becomes extra-ordinary. His use of Motown and black-film samples are like Tarantino’s soundtracks; they are the a skeleton, they help make sense of the moment – they’re transitional and valued by the artist just as much as the main body of the work.

The quality of the EP produced entirely by Madib is no different to his previous work – sensational.

He features Blu & M.E.D. – talented wordsmiths that elevate the track to a staple of word-class rap.

This EP, released on Bang Ya Head Records is short and most definitely sweet. With two instrumentals and two Acapella tracks any DJ would be happy with this in the collection.

Stream and cop it here!