Spooky Black – Without You

In Hip Hop by Tom Maloney

Spooky Black – Without You

Here is a boy you will either hate to love or love to hate. Hidden somewhere beneath this strangely mesmerizing video and awful head condom is a hugely talented singer who will melt your heart.Taking his cue from Yung Lean, this oddball from St. Paul, Minessota has been an internet sensation since the release of his video ‘Without You’.

While everything screams ‘NOOO’ his high pitch voice is strangely infectious and you might find yourself secretly admiring this fifteen year old you may simply dismiss as a wasteman. I listen to it over and over again (without watching the video) and have found myself missing my first crush and sobbing, and I even used the track in a film I made to withdraw empathy for a character. His newer track is a lot better (below). Warning; Trying to figure this guy out will hurt your head so just enjoy the music.