Sponsored Video: Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty

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Sponsored Video: Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty

Six somewhat bemused men gather in a regal looking marble halled lobby in Copenhagen, Denmark as they await their beer-infused beauty treatment from none other than the nation’s most widely recognized (alcoholic) export – Carlsberg as they announce a product range of theirs which actually contains 200ml of freeze-dried Carlsberg beer – a perfect Christmas gift for sure!

As the lady in the white coat calls for the next participant, she describes how they launched a new and innovative trio of products for guys which consists of a shaving gel, aftershave cream and a moustache cream – and as the video continues on you will see some of the most finely crafted moustaches out there, which would put most of the twee jacket wearing East Londoners to shame!

In this fun but engaging piece of video content, the experts describe in great detail how the premium hops within the beer not only make it a great pint down the boozer but also contribute to great hair, as they are an effective way to deliver antioxidants and antibacterial acids via the beer, which is a great help for anyone who looks after their facial hair!

On top of that. Carlsberg are giving proceeds go to the Movember foundation, a charitable organization which has gained a lot of traction since it launched, last year having a presence in 21 countries, and aims to raise awareness and funds initiatives around the important issues to men out there, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Through the growth of more than half a million moustaches they have raised a staggering £55.6 million!

And of course, what with it being a Carlsberg ad, they incorporated their famous ‘probably the best’ tag line into the conclusion –

“Beer and a clean shave, probably the best male grooming in the world”

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