Sponsored Video: will.i.am and Lexus create epic driving spectacular on a laser street stave

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Sponsored Video: will.i.am and Lexus create epic driving spectacular on a laser street stave

Something truly original here from a will.i.am and Lexus , an automotive brand and a team of seriously talented technical engineers as they link up for #NXontrack!

The widely respected and accomplished hip hop producer, rapper, and singer links up with Lexus as they perform a real-life stunt, which converts miles per hour into beats per minute.

Will’s challenge for this unique piece of video content is to direct the team of skilled NX drivers to re-create one of his most acclaimed tracks #ThatPOWER by triggering beats and lights, on a disused runway, which was lined with more than 350 projected mapped motion and audio sensitive lasers and lights. However if they fell off beat the system would have to restart and the drivers would have to start again. The end goal would not be easy to accomplish, but nothing really worth doing is! This is a testament to show off that the Lexus NX is refined to drive! #NXontrack is something creatively unique and progressive – perhaps it will start a new trend for live music production techniques!

The California music producer had this to say about the project: ”Working with the stunt guys to hit the laser targets in time with the music wasn’t easy to get right but the result was awesome. The combination of technology, design and music in this project was out of this world.”

This project was no easy feat, as Lexus combined the technology designed by Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), the world-renowned light artists, and the construction work of sixty-five technicians who worked for over seven days to build the rigging for the lights and motion sensitive lasers! The creative director summed it up nicely here: “Music is brought to life when the cars hit beams of light that are motion sensitive at the correct time and rhythm. It’s basically like a giant laser harp with cars instead of fingers

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