Sponsored Video: V-Hab: Silence The Troll

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Sponsored Video: V-Hab: Silence The Troll

Think positive, spread positive energy, make the world a more positive the place. That seems to be the prevailing message across the world.

V energy drink have set them selves a mission along these lines, but it’s not just to boost their sales target or successful marketing strategy.. b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2013-06-04-at-16.52.46.png

Their mission is to hunt down the most scary places where the internet trolls are lurking under their cyber bridges. Once found they will be treated at!

You’ll find V spearheading a wake of positivity and uplifting vibes through the ‘tinterweb’ with the mission to once and for all silence the troll!

In this clip below, the type of trolling techniques you might find on YouTube, Twitter and online gaming  jump out of the screen and into real life to unleash havoc to unsuspecting victims. V want to diagnose and treat different kinds of online trollisms at their new website
On the site you can expect a bunch of troll defying features to keep them at bay for good! There’s a  ‘De-troll Your Life’ extension for your web browser. This extends the effects of the first feature called ‘ ‘comment convertor’ to the rest of your internet session, to help prevent a relapse occurring!

The video itself is like nothing I’ve seen before, except maybe one of those crazy ads from non profits to raise awareness of all the nasty things people say to make themselves feel better! The ad takes references from the ‘YouTube warriors’, and you can also expect a really evil girl who’s got a lot to say for herself!

Thankfully there is an antithesis to all these online trolling antics! The V-Energy shush kitten manages to keep the trolls at bay. There’s only one way to find out how! Watch below!


This post was sponsored by V-Energy.