Sponsored video: Reebok – This Is The Start of Something

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Sponsored video: Reebok – This Is The Start of Something

Some real motivation video content on this new piece from Reebok, who drop in an inspirational quote from the outset as they bring their ‘Classics’ range to life set to the gritty realism of the Big Apple’s inner city landscape!

“You don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step” is the mantra, which appeals to the potential success story in all of us. Whether it’s Jay-Z, Richard Branson or Mo Farah that you want to emulate the success of, given the right attitude and work ethic, there’s a champion in all of us. You may not be in immediate view of the riches, record sales or medals but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not attainable!

This Reebok Classics ad, featuring the actor wearing the Reebok Classic OG Ventilator is a feast for the eyes for anyone who can relate to the journey of ‘An Englishman in New York’, as we see a character from ‘Up North’ (England) take to the streets of what looks to be his new home of NYC, specifically Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Despite some thinking he should go back home and know his place, and even asking himself what a kid like him is doing in a place like this, our man is determined to succeed!

Hungry for achievement, and ready to realize his dream, he talks to the shop keeper who can tell he’s in a good place, following a big night out! The advice is certainly something we all should consider – “get a plan and stick to it”, and you can tell from the spring in his step and cut of his job that ‘This Is The Start Of Something’.

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