Sponsored Video: Mr Bean tries Kung Fu!

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Sponsored Video: Mr Bean tries Kung Fu!

When you think of Mr Bean, its a perfectly reasonable assumption that Kung Fu warrior isn’t one of the first comparisons that come to mind!! Over the years the hapless man of few words, who seems to have a pretty slim scope of dress styles has had unpredictable results in whatever he tries to do! Anyone who’s watched his TV series or movies from the 1990s onward knows that it is often for the worst that he emerges, but every now and again he will pull off a fluke – so when placed in a room with some hardcore martial artists, anything can happen.

This video is all part of a series of clips he’s been asked to feature in by Snickers, who present this 30 second sketch, in the latest of their videos to prove the point that “You’re not you when you’re hungry”… And how right they are! Set in a dojo, Mr Bean steps up with confidence, takes the ceremonial bow and really wants to impress his onlookers… but this is Mr Bean don’t forget – so as you can imagine, he just doesn’t have the tekkers to convince them that he is on their level with the nunchuks! If you were in this situation what stunts would you try to pull off?! Take a look at the video below and maybe you will be inspired!!

This article was sponsored by Snickers.