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Sponsored video: Lynx Trilogy – Find your Magic

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Sponsored video: Lynx Trilogy – Find your Magic

With mounting much pressure for young people to ‘look the part’, it’s so important to understand what it means to ‘find your magic’. That pressure can come from a range of sources – internal, parental, friends and of course popular culture and media which in the days of smart technology surround us 24/7.

Of course, ‘looking the part’ means different things to different people, so when you read that phrase it’s almost certain that your own definition of ‘magic’ will conjure up an image different to your best friend. Need proof? Go ask them now and see what they come up with!

This new video from Lynx male grooming aims to make your life a whole lot easier, with an  uplifting advert that poses an all important question to those feeling under pressure to succumb to all of the ‘other things’ in life –

“Who needs some other thing when you’ve got YOUR thing”?!


Whatever your ‘thing’ is, it is there to be embraced, shown off, used to your benefit and potentially others’ benefit too!

“I’m unique, just like everyone else” is a phrase I came up with that works as both a life affirming mantra and an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms. However what context does it have in this piece of video? The idea that no one can take your personal ‘swag’ away!

Throughout this video we see a range of definitions of that ‘swag’ that helped these guys find their magic – and it ranges from physical attributes to having suave moves and even less conventional swaggy attributes – check out the video to get a glimpse of how Lynx are bucking the trend. Have a think about which latent magic you have to offer the world, you may be surprised!