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Sponsored Video: Doritos Roulette Firewalk Challenge

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Sponsored Video: Doritos Roulette Firewalk Challenge

Doritos – How far would you go for a trip on a private jet with your mates? Would you jump in a freezing cold lake on  Christmas day? What about drinking a bottle of pepper sauce all in one go? Or how about this as a challenge. Would you walk on burning hot coals?! Well that’s the question this lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) group of mates were faced with.

Doritos gave them the ‘roulette challenge’ after being picked up off the street for this spicy affair, which was definitely not in their plans for the night, as they were out and about in the city streets!

The campaign is part of the launch of Doritos’ new product, ‘Roulette’. A new variety of one of the world’s most popular tortilla chips, where some of the packet are regular tasty nacho chips and some of them are blazing hot!

These aren’t for the people who find chicken korma a bit too much spice to handle. Not even for the people who like a bit of piri piri sauce on their chicken.. this is for the people who like to eat blind folded! When you dip your hand in the bag, it could be any setting on the gas mark meter!!

Check out this video below and once it’s over have a think if you would do the #doritosroulette challenge! No socks or shoes allowed! Share your thoughts on your favourite social network and don’t forget to tell your mates where you saw it!

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