Sponsored Video: 7 ways to Free The Joy | 10 second songs

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Sponsored Video: 7 ways to Free The Joy | 10 second songs

Sponsored Video: With the onslaught of multimedia we are inundated with on an hourly basis it’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd online. Especially due to the fact that there is so much talent out there. So  if you’re anytihng more than a novice online, then you will know where to get the best stuff (hint hint). So what better way to show that you’re  the bee’s knees than show off your ability to cover seven completely different styles, of music, covering everything from the smooth and theatrical vocals of Il Divo and Frank Sinatra to the electronic futurism of Dead Mau5!

That’s exactly what Youtube star Anthony Vincent has done. In case you’ve not yet come across his videos online, he is the guy behind ‘Ten Second Songs’, an ingenious concept where he takes one famous song and reinterprets it in the style of a range of different artists!!! Something only the realest music heads could accomplish!

On this occasion he has taken the 1977 classic “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” by Baccara, the Spanish vocal duo composed flamenco dancers Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola! He was commissioned to do this one by the UK’s favourite chocolate Cadburys Dairy Milk (with 13 bars sold every second!!!), who wanted him to show the parallel between what he does, and the range of different Dairy Milk products they sell – which allow you to pick and choose the way you want to #FreeTheJoy!

Which of these versions do you like the most? Is there any track you think would be incredible for him to work his magic on?

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This post has been sponsored by Cadbury’s but all thoughts are our own!