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This latest video we’re promoting is in association with o2 Guru! They’re currently promoting a competition featuring a guy who’s mum calls him Kev but is known to others as ‘Lomokev’ a name relating to the Lomo camera – just one of the many cameras he uses as a Brighton street photographer. Lomokev has been in the art of photography since 1996!

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He’s not just an amateur though, with three book releases – the first of which, suitably titled ‘Hot Shots’ was released in 2008 and sold out its UK and US print runs in under a year! Check out the video below where he discusses his many projects which all are based in the UK’s coolest city – including one for the ‘Brighton Swimming Club’ which has lasted ten years! 


For all the budding Lomokevs out there, o2 want YOU to let them the best photo you’ve taken with the newest social media hype of 2012 – Instagram! They will choose the 10 most creative answers to receive a prize, one of which will include a signed copy of one of Lomokev’s books!

Subscribe to o2’s YouTube channel and let them know in the comments section what the picture was of, and all importantly why you took the shot! 

Subscribe to O2’s Youtube channel here, and have a look at Lomokev’s official website here! In case you’re wondering who o2 Guru are, they are there to offer advice on any techy issues you’re having, across your phone, broadband or laptop…

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This post has been sponsored by o2 but all thoughts are our own.