Sponsored Post: Urban Ears launches RE:PLATTAN

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Sponsored Post: Urban Ears launches RE:PLATTAN

OK so it’s become glaringly obvious that the consumerist, disposable culture that’s enjoyed by the western world has led to a lot of nature taking back seat, with rain forests and natural life being taken for a ride!

Apart from recycling our used cans and food packaging, and not collecting an endless supply of carrier bags from your local supermarket, what else as music fans can we do to limit the rate at which the earth is getting rinsed out?! After all, we are already cutting our carbon imprint by contributing to the digital sales of music instead of buying physical CDs!

What if there was a more pro active way of generating some proactive input to nature, while still listening to good quality music, in an objective, not subjective way!

The Re:Plattan headphones, which you can see a photo of below, are the fourth model to be launched under the Urbanears Editions line. They are composed of unused parts from previous collections from Urban Ears and come together to form one colorful patchwork pair of headphones.


But that’s not all!

Each Re:Plattan comes with the GPS coordinates (i.e. the precise location on an atlas/map) of five square meters of rainforest in Costa Rica, which is protected as a result of each purchase! You can actually trace your ‘pax’ by on their site, using the personal ID which is printed on the hand tag!

Plattan also comes with a ZoundPlug on the earcap, which allows a friend to plug in and enjoy whatever it is you’re nodding your head to! Anyway, don’t just take our word for it – give this video a watch and check them out online

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