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When it comes to showing off their talents, some people feel the best they have to offer is an ambitious but essentially doomed rendition of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song at the monthly karaoke night down at the local pub… The key to it all though is to give people the opportunity and belief they can find it in within them self… As Einstein once said“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”   

This ad campaign from Holland’s own Heineken is focused around how many of their drinkers out there have at least one legendary talent. This ad from is a bit longer than most that go around the internet, at two and a half minutes long it follows the adventures on board a luxury cruise ship – the main character puts his  charm, skills and wit into top gear, and uses them to put on an unforgettable show to other passengers!

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Once you watch this video, you will understand why they made the video from their PR team which follows – the antics include everything from dancing the conga, showing off his flexibility in a limbo contest, and even getting his Tom Daley on by diving perfectly into a swimming pool!

The video, which was filmed in Barcelona, provided a stage for the applicants of the open casting to perform their skills, and includes 20 non-actors showing off their legendary skills… Those that were chosen for the final video were given the nod after being considered as a master of their talent, and yes, sliding down banisters was one of the accepted skills, and after seeing the amount of people that have tried and failed, it’s rightly deserved!!


As with a lot of great content on the net, there are bound to be cynics, sceptics, trolls, and down right non believers – people that just don’t trust the authenticity of The Odyssey!

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As a response the brand felt it necessary to show the people behind the video – so if you need evidence take a look at this video below and see for yourself!


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