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Sponsored post: Gain a degree in music production from Community Music in East London

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Watching the steady success of the UK’s hip hop and grime artists and producers over the past 10 years is a promising sign of the healthy infrastructure and support system that exists here in Britain. Gaining a qualification in the music industry is something which will definitely help, and what better place to achieve that, than at CM Sounds, in the heart of East London?

In case you’re concerned that you’ve not got any music A Levels or GCSEs,  don’t worry, as you don’t need previous qualifications! Learning the skills you need to make a career in the music industry are open to everyone, whether or not you did well in academic subjects at school.

Located just off the world famous Brick Lane and minutes from Shoreditch, Community Music are offering the chance to follow in the footsteps of over 10,000 professional musicians. They are currently taking applications for a two-year foundation degree in Creative Music Production and Business Foundation.

The course begins in September 2018, and provides industry-standard production skills and specialist support to create your own music business. If you’re worried about how much it might set you back, it’s almost half the price of normal degree, which you can have funded by a full student loan! For more info click here to visit the course page.

You can also watch this video which provides a bit more info on the course.

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