Sponsored Video: Canon Presents Legria Mini Challenge!

In Other by Nick Russell


Anyone that’s shot a music video, taken a professional looking photo or been on the other side of the lens will know about Canon! They have recently recruited some certified YouTube content creators and given them one of their new devices, the LEGRIA mini!

The channels they got to make the content are Twist and Pulse, SORTED Food, Morgenstern and PV Nova – they have all taken the Canon #LEGRIAmini challenge – to use the camera to capture some content around their personal passions, as a taste of what can be achieved, they can also share the full HD content they film using the built in wi-fi which can also be used to stream the content live!!


The results are bound to impress as the camera is built with an Ultra Wide angle lens, meaning the shots will capture even MORE of the situation than normal cameras are able to! The device also has a built in stand, allowing you to give your video some interesting angles and perspectives!

If you reckon you’re able to do even better than the guys below then put your money where your mouth is by entering the Canon challenge via Canon’s YouTube channel you will also be in with a chance of win your own brand spankin’ new LEGRIA mini! As well as that there’s a trip to the YouTube Space in London in it for you! Onnce all’s been filmed and edited, just tweet your videos to #LEGRIAmini and theres a chance your video could be shown on the LEGRIA mini showcase!


This post is sponsored by Canon.